Cee Lo Green at AU

So not only do we have the city of DC as a great resource for awesome things to do on the weekend, but lots of great events come right to campus. An example of this is the concert that happened on friday night. Cee Lo Green, famous for his song “Forget You”, came to campus! It was amazing. Tickets were free for students, which is always a good thing =). My friend/ roommate, Marisa and I went to the concert together. We got in line early and it was worth waiting in the cold for a little bit. We were so close to the stage! Cee lo Green performed and it was amazing!

Me and my friend Marisa enjoying the concert!

At first there was some technical difficulty, but instead of making us wait a long time, Cee Lo came out and talked with the audience. Next, he sang a medley of songs, including “Crazy”. His band came out and we all realized that they were wearing AU shirts. Then Cee Lo said that he had enrolled at AU and showed us his AU pride with his shirt! The whole crowed cheered! Cee Lo and his all female band played a great live show, ending with the single “Forget You”. The last thing Cee Lo said was ” See you in class on monday!” I was so happy that I got the opportunity to see this great musical artist. Thanks AU and SUB ( student union board) for putting on another great show!

Cee Lo rocking the AU shirt

Ceel Lo Green and his band rocking out


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  1. […] of musical acts on campus throughout each and every year. In the past three years, they have hosted Cee Lo Green, B.o.B, State Radio, and many others. However, I have always been disappointed that SUB had not yet […]

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