Parlez-Vous Francais?

Friday night I visited the French Embassy on Reservoir Rd, a short distance from Wisconsin Ave! There were five of us in the group, including two of my close friends that I take French with this semester. The French Embassy has monthly movie viewings open to anyone in D.C. Students with valid identification get reduced fair and the films range from comedy to documentary with everything in between. Playing last night was Le bruit des Glaçons (The Clink of Ice) a dark comedy about an author who is visited by his cancer. The story follows the relationship of Charles Faulque and his cancer as Faulque deals with his past and the grim appearance of his future. People at the movie ranged in all ages and native languages. Luckily for us, the subtitles were in English! But it was still great to hear the French and recognize the words and sentences.

Movie Poster

The French Embassy is beautiful and the lobby was filled with modern art and architecture to view. I also grabbed all of the Literature they had including a few magazines and a French TV channel guide. It will be fun to show my French Professor on Tuesday and talk about the film. We found it fitting that the only way to end a French filled evening was with Crepes-Amour! I say an excellent choice :)

Last semester my friend Sam (who told us about the film viewing) attended an event at the French Embassy where all of the European country Embassy’s gathered and put together displays representing their homeland. It sounds like an amazing event and I cannot wait to attend it and many other gatherings at the Embassy! (Which will be easy because Friday night I signed up for their email list!!)

Fountain outside the Embassy


Have a great weekend! Go AU Eagles vs. Lafayette tonight in Bender Arena :)

Much Love, Des

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