Shuttle Discovery Flies Over DC

Today, the space shuttle Discovery flew over Washington, DC on its way to one of the Smithsonian museums at Dulles International Airport. The shuttle hitched a ride on top of a Boeing 747. It took off from Cape Canaveral, FL around sunrise and arrived in DC around 10 am. The shuttle made several loops around DC at a height of only 1,500 feet – making spotting the shuttle and its transport much easier (to the delight of many). I was at my internship and there were several of us in the office (including my supervisor) who were extremely excited to see the shuttle so we took a break from our tasks to head a couple blocks to the Capitol and watch the shuttle. It was extremely cool to see the shuttle fly by. There were many people outside taking pictures with their cameras, iPhones, iPads, etc. It seemed that the entire city, or at least the people on Capitol Hill, stopped working to catch a sight of Discovery flying overhead. Also, the trending topics on Twitter right now for Washington, DC are the hastags #spottheshuttle and #welcomediscovery. Here are a couple of photos I snapped with my phone:

Flying over one of the US House Office Buildings

Snapped the photo right before the shuttle disappeared behind the trees!

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